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Pin fit to positions charge,
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Pin fit to positions charge,

Part #: PINFIT
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Pin fit to pistons charge, your can now have your piston pins fit to your pistons. We use a Sunnen MBB625D Honing Machine

Price per piston, if you have an 8 cylinder please add 8 to you cart, if you have a 6 cylinder add 6 to your cart

Includes following services !

Pin fit to pistons charge, you can now have your piston pins fit to your pistons. We use a Sunnen MBB625D Honing Machine

On all the Northern Auto Parts Machine Shop Pin Fit jobs for Press Pins


  1. Wash all piston and pins in dish soap rinsing twice
  2. Weigh pistons and pins
  3. Measure pins for sizing rods
  4. Freeze Pins
  5. Coat with 30 weight oil on the bottom and middle rings lands


  1. Hone all Rods to a .0012 press fit (.0012 smaller then the pin)
  2. Use parts washer to clean honing oil and grit off.
  3. Weight match the rods removing weight if needed, 
    • ( 35000 series rods from scat and all of wheeler "Stock type Rods")
  4. Wash all rods with soap and water rinsing twice to remove all metal grit from honing and the soap.
  5. Dry rods with compressed air and then towel.
  6. Coat all rod surfaces with an anti rust agent, the rods will rust almost right away if this is not done.
  7. Apply white lithium grease to piston pin holes.


  1. Match the lightest small end of the rod with the heaviest piston.
    • lightest to heaviest weight difference on sealed power H345CP pistons
      This weight is just +/- 3 grams. Even a smaller difference in rod ends
  2. Heat rods just right, enlarging the rods pin end to slide the frozen pins in.
  3. Repeat above to assemble all pistons and rods

Once assembled, we place each slug in a bag and then seal the bag. This is extremely important because the grease and oil will attract all the shipping dirt and dust to the parts.