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Sealed Power C8-7200CH1X CH Series Rod Bearings
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Sealed Power C8-7200CH1X CH Series Rod Bearings

Part #: C8-7200CH1X
List Price: $284.76
Our Price: $94.92
You Save: $189.84

Chevy Big Block Connecting Rod Bearing .001 over extra clearance Coated CH-Series, Super Duty Alloy Tri Metal, Set of 8 Performance Rod Set Chamfered on one side Sealed Power's Speed-Pro DUROSHIELD Competition Series Coated Bearings provide protection against dry starts and conditions that interrupt oil supply. Speed-Pro’s H-14 Super Duty Alloy has the greatest load-carrying capacity. Sealed Power's Speed-Pro H-24 Alloy is notable for its desirable fatigue resistance and strength.

Sealed Power's Speed-Pro B100 babbitt material is used in ultra-high-performance rod and main bearings for blown-fuel and alcohol engines that require high “embeddability” and conformability.