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Fel-Pro Performance Head Gasket Chevy V8 Small Block
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Fel-Pro Performance Head Gasket Chevy V8 Small Block

Part #: 1144-3
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MLS Head Gasket, Bore 4.200", Compressed Thickness .041", Performance Head Gasket with a MLS bore bead combustion seal. This gasket is a PermaTorqueMLS multi-layer steel head gasket. It can be used on 400 race engines and on aluminum blocks with liners, Minimal brinelling of aluminum heads.

This Fel-Pro Performance Head Gasket Part Number 1144-3 fits small block II with inboard cooling heads and has a volume of 9.300cc and is Sold individually / Each

Performance engines often have higher compression ratios and special cam timing. They also operate at higher RPM. In addition, they may be supercharged, turbocharged or use nitrous oxide. These conditions will increase the cylinder pressure and stress on the cylinder head gasket.

In addition to high combustion pressures, performance engines often have a large amount of cylinder head movement. Racing and street performance engines develop much higher horsepower than their passenger car counterparts. For example, a Chevrolet 350 (5.7L) V8 racing engine can develop between 600-1000 horsepower, compared to 180-385 horsepower for passenger car and light truck applications.

On top of that, peak torque may occur at 5600 RPM for a typical racing engine compared to 3500 RPM for the same engine in a passenger car. These factors combined create a brutally tough environment for the head gasket. FEL-PRO Performance Head Gaskets incorporate special features to accommodate these conditions.

Fel-Pro PermaTorqueMLS Multi-Layer Steel

The latest development in head gasket technology is the multi-layer steel (MLS) design. At first glance, these gaskets look like the old-style embossed steel shim gaskets, but they are radically different. A thin rubber coating is bonded to the stainless steel shim and, as required, multiple layers (up to five) of this rubber-coated steel shim are assembled into a single gasket. The high-temperature rubber coating provides excellent fluid sealability across the outer faces and between the individual layers, while also sealing minor head and block surface imperfections. MLS head gaskets provide the ultimate in torque retention and supply extra strength to support current lightweight aluminum casting designs. They are specified on most current domestic and imported engines in production.

Why is the Fel-Pro PermaTorqueMLS Design Better than the OEM Gaskets?

Traditional original equipment manufacturer (OEM) type MLS head gaskets don't easily conform to surface irregularities, and require an incredibly smooth surface finish to provide a satisfactory seal. When the castings are new and the finish is fresh, OEM-style MLS gaskets work quite well. But when the castings are old or resurfaced with a less than perfect finish, leaks result. To seal under these adverse conditions, Fel-Pro engineers have developed the exclusive PermaTorqueMLS design, engineered for the aftermarket repair environment. These newly redesigned MLS gaskets have many unique features that allow them to seal better than other MLS gaskets on the market today.

Brand Fel-Pro Performance

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