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Performance Intake Manifold Gasket Set 1.05" x 2.08" Port Size
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Performance Intake Manifold Gasket Set 1.05" x 2.08" Port Size

Part #: 1243
List Price: $39.23
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Intake Manifold Gasket Set. 1.05" x 2.08" Port Size, That has a thickness of .060" or 1/16" . This is a Composite gasket with Printoseal.  

This Fel-Pro part Number 1243 Performance Intake Gasket fits 1966-1969 273 engines, 1967-1989 318 engines with 2 barrell heads.



Fel-Pro Performance Intake Manifold Gasket Sets

The Fel-Pro Performance line has race intake sets for the industry's widest array of O.E. and aftermarket cylinder head and port configurations. Whether a ported Chevy production head, a high vacuum SB2 small block for "Cup" racing, or a mega-cube "Mountain Motor" head - Fel-Pro offers the gaskets you need.

Race intake gasket materials are selected to deliver excellent sealing while permitting easy trimming to match modified port shapes. Along with unmatched coverage and material variety, these intake gaskets are also available in thicknesses ranging from .030" to .120" - to compensate for cylinder head and manifold variations.

Performance Solid Core Intake Manifold Gasket Sets

The latest offering in Fel-Pro Performance manifold sets is a range of solid core intake gaskets. They are intended for high vacuum race engines, as well as performance applications that have a long expected service life - street machines, marine use, or tow vehicles. These gaskets feature the proven port shapes used in their race intake gaskets, but add extra strength and stability through the inclusion of a sturdy "solid core." Though harder to trim to match custom ports, this added structural integrity allows them to maintain shape under high vacuum, or long exposures to oil and fuel.

Brand Fel-Pro Performance
Gasket Material Printoseal
Part Type Intake Manifold Gaskets
Port Height (in) 2.080 in.
Port Style Stock
Port Width (in) 1.050 in.
Product Line Fel-Pro Performance Intake Manifold Gasket Sets
Quantity Sold as a set.
Thickness (in) 0.060 in.

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