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Oil Pan Gasket
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Oil Pan Gasket

Part #: 1899
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Oil Pan Gasket Set, That has a thickness of .094" or 3/32". This is a Rubber Coated Fiber Performance Oil Pan Gasket Set with a steel core.

This Fel-Pro part Number 1899 Oil Pan Gasket Set  fits Wedge only.


Oil Pan Gaskets

Each Fel-Pro Performance oil pan gasket is specially designed for the tough demands of specific performance engines. Three general design and material technologies are applied, depending on anticipated use.

  • Felcoid/Plus Felcoid/Plus gaskets have a fiver sheet core and a latex rubber coating. The latex aids in sealing potential leakage paths. The core material resists crushing and splitting, while providing excellent blowout resistance. The lateral stability of the fiber core helps the gasket resist deformation under high-vacuum conditions. The fiber core provides a "stopper" effect when the oil pan is torqued down. Softer materials sometimes do not provide the "feel" that they've been properly torqued. The Felcoid/Plus gasket has a distinct solid feel when it is properly torqued.
  • Enhanced Felcoid/Plus with a steel core Some applications require a gasket with even greater strength than that offered by the standard Felcoid/Plus gaskets. The enhanced Felcoid/Plus gaskets utilize a solid steel core construction with rubber-coated fiber facing material. The gasket also has a self-adhesive side to make installation easier. The side rails are trimmed for extra rod clearance on stroker engines. This offers the ultimate in blowout resistance.
  • Rigid core molded silicone rubber Our latest innovation is Fel-Pro Performance oil pan gaskets utilize the one-piece molded rubber technology pioneered in newer engine designs. These one-piece silicone gaskets provide perfect fit, are easier to install, include compression limiters to prevent overtightening, and offer superior hear resistance. They have either a solid steel core or a rigid carrier design, and in some cases the side rails are trimmed for stroker engines.
Brand Fel-Pro Performance

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