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1989-91 Suzuki Engine Head Bolt Set
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1989-91 Suzuki Engine Head Bolt Set

Part #: ES74021
List Price: $50.81
Our Price: $22.53
You Save: $28.28

Head Bolt Set For 1989-1991 GM CAR: 1.0L, 61 cid, 993cc, SOHC 6 valve, (Suzuki Eng) 74mm Bore, Head Bolts with Washers, Replacement is recommended by Fel-Pro and Manufacturer.

Fel-Pro Head Set Part Number ES74021

Vin Codes:
"M" 1989-1991                                                                                                                                                                                                     "6" 1989-1991
Eng. Code "G10" 1989-1991