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Monroe Conversion Kit 1990-2002 Crown Victoria Town Car Grand Marquis
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Monroe Conversion Kit 1990-2002 Crown Victoria Town Car Grand Marquis

Part #: 90003
List Price: $398.18
Our Price: $180.99
You Save: $217.19

This kit ONLY replaces the REAR air suspension, converting to coil spring. This includes the shock absorber for the rear application; the front shock can be ordered separately. This kit is designed to provide conversion of the suspension – as well as disengage the pump system. This system conversion kit also includes the necessary instructions to eliminate electronic warning signals.

This kit may be used for direct replacement on vehicles equipped with coil spring suspension, being standard equipment on certain models.

REFERENCE: If needed, you can refer to the original equipment service manual for servicing the air spring air solenoid valves and for removal of the particular shock absorbers. This installation instruction is to give a guideline and reference tools for the installation. Detailed instruction sheet is provided with the kit. Due to minor installation difficulty, it is necessary to follow the steps and methods detailed to ensure quality completion.

Monroe Air Spring to Coil Spring Conversion Kit 90003 kit includes the following

  • Two (2) Rear Coil Springs
  • Four (4) Isolators
  • Two (2) Rear Shock Absorbers With Associated Parts Packages
  • Instruction Sheet


1992 - 2002 Ford Crown Victoria Rear
1990 - 2002 Lincoln Towncar Rear
1992 - 2002 Mercury Grand Marquis