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MSD Two Step Module Selector
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MSD Two Step Module Selector

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MSD Two Step Module Selector Allows you to have two rpm limits when plugged into the rev control on your MSD 6AL, 7AL-2 or other MSD ignition with a built-in rev control.

Two and Three
Step Module Selectors
The MSD Two and Three Step Module Selectors permit the user to switch between multiple RPM or retard modules when connected to an MSD MC-2 Ignition or Multi-Step Retard. With this selection capability these devices can be used to perform a variety of functions.
Example: When the Two or Three Step is connected to the built-in rev control on the MC Ignition, the driver is able to limit the rpm precisely while staged and waiting for the green light. By simply pressing a switch the Module Selector will automatically switch to the lower RPM module limiting the rpm at that chosen point. When the starting light turns green and the switch is released, the bike takes off and the Module Selector will switch back to the higher RPM limit. In this mode, the rev control feature of the MC Ignition will protect vital engine components against over-revving. This procedure will produce consistent and quicker reaction times. The Three Step will add a third rpm limit that can be actuated during the water burnout so that tire temperatures are kept consistent.
NOTE: The Two and Three Step Module Selectors do not come with RPM Modules

Brand MSD Ignition
Includes Burnout Rev Limiter No
Includes High End Rev Limiter Yes
Includes Starting Line Rev Limiter Yes
Module Selector Finish Black
Module Selector Material Plastic
Notes Requires the use of rpm modules, sold separately.
Part Type Multi Step Module Selectors
Product Line MSD Two Step Module Selectors
Quantity Sold individually.