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MSD Digital Multi-Retard
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MSD Ignition

MSD Digital Multi-Retard

Part #: 8975
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MSD Digital Multi-Retard provides four different stages of retard along with an adjustable start/retard feature - all with no modules!

The MSD Multi-Retard uses a high speed RISC micro-controller to direct and timing functions. This RISC processor can make extremely quick adjustments to the timing signals while still keeping accuracy to within 1­. These circuits are thoroughly debounced and isolated for protection against Electro-Magnetic Interference (EMI). There is also a new innovative Magnetic Pickup Compensation circuit added to allow perfect timing with a variety of magnetic pickup triggers. See the sidebar for more information.

  • Activates up to four separate stages of retard independently.
  • Adjustable start retard feature- 5­, 10­, 15­, and 20­ options.
  • New Magnetic Pickup Compensation circuit for perfect timing.

The Multi-Retard has four separate retard stages, perfect for multi-stage nitrous applications, and they can be activated independently or together for a total sum of retards. Each stage is adjustable from 0­ to 9­ and the maximum amount of retard is 20­. The Start/Retard feature allows retard timing for ease of starting. Since all engines are different, the unit can be programmed for 5­, 10­, 15­ or 20­ of retard during starting.

Magnetic Pickup Compensation Circuit

The Digital Multi-Retard has a new built-in Magnetic Pickup Compensation circuit. This is a great feature that lets racers and engine builders tailor their ignition system based on the style of pickup they are using.
All magnetic pickups have an inherent characteristic that will retard the timing as rpm increases. This new circuit lets you select which compensation setting is best for your application such as an MSD Pro-Billet Distributor or a non-magnetic pickup. When set, your ignition timing will be accurate from idle to wide open which also means more power!

Adjustable Yes
Adjustment Style Rotary dial
Brand MSD Ignition
Circuitry Digital
Compatible with Multiple Coil Ignitions No
Controller Activation Programmable
Controls Ignition Advance No
Controls Ignition Retard Yes
Ignition Box Required Yes
Part Type Timing Controllers, Electronic
Product Line MSD Digital Multi-Retard Controls
Quantity Sold individually.
Use with Locked Distributor No