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MSD Starter Saver with Signal Stabilizer
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MSD Ignition

MSD Starter Saver with Signal Stabilizer

Part #: 8984
List Price: $259.90
Our Price: $129.95
You Save: $129.95

Starter Saver w/Signal Stabilizer unit provides 10° or 20° of start retard to ease pressure on the starter and flywheel during cranking

When you install a crank trigger system, having locked out timing may put a strain on the starter and flywheel. This compact controller provides a retard that automatically retards the timing during cranking to ease the pressure. The MSD Starter Saver measures only 1.5” X 3.5” X 2” and wires into your ignition system with only four wires. It can be programmed to retard the tim­ing 10° or 20° during cranking only. The retard is activated when the engine begins cranking and is deactivated once the engine reaches over 800 rpm. (If the engine rpm drops below 500 rpm it will activate again.)The Starter Saver receives the trigger signal through an MSD Crank Trigger Pick-Up or the Distributor’s magnetic pick-up. This Control has a very accurate pick-up compensation circuit resulting in rock steady timing throughout the entire rpm range of your engine. There is also an LED that illuminates with each trigger signal to confirm operation and the circuitry is completely potted in a polyurethane compound for extreme vibration resistance.
Adjustable No
Brand MSD Ignition
Circuitry Analog
Compatible with Multiple Coil Ignitions No
Controller Activation Ignition start
Controls Ignition Advance No
Controls Ignition Retard Yes
Ignition Box Required No
Notes This unit will only work with an MSD distributor or crank trigger.
Part Type Timing Controllers, Electronic
Product Line MSD Starter Savers
Quantity Sold individually.
Use with Locked Distributor Yes