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Performance Tool 146pc Rotary Tool Stone
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Performance Tool

Performance Tool 146pc Rotary Tool Stone

Part #: W50037
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146pc Rotary Tool (Dremel) Assortment includes Drum sanders, Polishing Stones, Cutting Wheels, Buffing Compound, Drill bits and more

Set details

19 Drum Sanding Sleeves
Large Drum Mandrel
Small Drum Mandrel
3 Bristle Brushes
3 Steel Brushes
3 Copper Collets
13 Assorted Grinding
10 Fiberglass Cutoff Wheels
Buffing Compound
5 Asrt Diamond Grit
     Polishing Bits
6 High Speed Cutters
Srew Tighten Mandrel
Threaded Srew Mandrel
36 Regular Cutoff
30 Heavy Duty Cutoff
6 Polishing Wheels
2 Polishing Tips
80 Grit sanding Wheel
3 Drill Bits
1 Wet Stone


Brand Performance Tool
Part Type Assorted Bit Sets
Product Line Performance Tool 146-Piece Rotary Tool Bit Sets
Quantity Sold as a set.