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Performance Tool Stainless Steel Digital Caliper
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Performance Tool

Performance Tool Stainless Steel Digital Caliper

Part #: W80152
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STAINLESS STEEL DIGITAL CALIPER with 0-6" Range (0-150mm) with SEA to Metric conversion

  • Measures outside, inside, step and depth
  • 0-6" Range (0-150mm) with SEA to Metric conversion
  • Large, easy to read LCD display
  • Zero setting at any position within measuring range
  • Thumb wheel with lock
  • On/Off switch
  • Heavy duty plastic case keeps caliper safe and clean
  • Battery included with bonus extra battery
  • Non-contaction linear CAP Measuring system

Working Environment:
Operating Temperature: 0-40 °C; 32°- 104° F,
Influence of humidity: Not important within 0% to 80% of Relative humidity

Electronic digital calipers seldom have any problems. The few problems which you may encounter usually result from the  batteries wearing out, or from poor battery contact

Never apply any electric voltage onto the frame of a digital caliper; or by scribing on it with an electro-probe. The circuits and computer chip may be destroyed

Care and Maintenance
1 Keep your digital caliper body and face clean, prevent liquid material from getting into slider to destroy electronics
2: Your digital caliper face should be cleaned with a clean, dry, lint-free cloth, Never use Acetone, alcohol or any liquid to clean your digital caliper
3: Keep battery the compartment of your digital caliper clean and free of corrosion