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NON-CONTACT Professional Infrared Thermometer
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NON-CONTACT Professional Infrared Thermometer

Part #: W89720
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NON-CONTACT Professional Infrared Thermometer Measures surface temperature without making contact with the Laser pointer for accurate use

Temperature range from 0°f to 960°f, and 18°c to 520°c.

  • Measures surface temperature without making contact
  • Fahrenheit or Celsius readings
  • Back-light feature
  • Laser pointer for accurate use
  • Easy to read large digital display
  • Check temperature of heater vents
  • Check temperature of air conditioner vents,

Professional Mechanics use Performance Tools Infrared Thermometer For

  • Measuring surface temperature on:
    • Engines
    • Intake Manifold, especially on performance aluminum intakes
    • Performance Carburetors (to make sure the fuel is cool enough before it goes through the intake)
    • Valve covers
    • Brake master cylinders (road racing applications, to ensure stopping power)
    • Headers (to check each pipe (cylinder) for consistency)
    • Transmissions (automatics and manual)
    • Brake calipers and rotors 
    • Power steering pumps (road racing applications, to check against overheating)
    • Drive shaft U-Joints ( a hot U-Joint is a bad U-joint)
    • Ignition Coils (a hot coil may need to be relocated)