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Northern Factory RW0125-77 Fuel Tank Cleaner 1 Quart
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Northern Factory RW0125-77 Fuel Tank Cleaner 1 Quart

Part #: RW0125-77
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Age, corrosion and storage are the enemies of every gas tank and fuel pump. 

This product from Northern Factory, is formulated to clean the inside of your fuel tank.  This procedure is required whenever you replace a fuel pump or as a preparation step before re-lining the inside of your tank with Northern Factory's fuel tank liner. It eliminates contaminants and dirt from the tank. 

Internal rusting is caused by condensation in the fuel tank or by bad fuel.  

Northern's Fuel Tank Cleaner cleans your gas tank to be sure that all fuel and residue are out of the tank.  Cleans your tank of all fuel and residue

Sold in Quart Size, ea.

1 quart , treats up to a 12 gallon tank
24 gallons you will need 2
36 gallons you will need 3
48 gallons you will need 4

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