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Northern Factory 1 Pint of Exo-Coat External Fuel Tank Sealer
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Northern Factory 1 Pint of Exo-Coat External Fuel Tank Sealer

Part #: RW0126
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1 Pint of Exo-Coat External Fuel Tank Sealer
Northern Exo-Coat is a urethane coating which took almost two years of research and development to perfect.  It combines the superior adhesion of urethane with plastic fibers for added strength and resistance to cracking.

The easiest gas tank repair EVER!
Just brush in on and let it dry.  Light rust is sealed in and pinholes are sealed.  One pint covers two average gas tanks
Labor Saving:
Northern Exo-Coat saves mixing time because it is a one part system.  It also eliminates the problems caused by inadequate mixing of epoxies. 
Quick Drying
Northern Exo-Coat is classified as quick drying, but takes long enough that premature set-up is not a problem.  It cures upon contact with the humidity present in the air.  The higher the humidity, the faster the curing.  In dry climates it takes about two hours to be safe for light handling.  In about four hours the tank can be safely reinstalled.  As with all urethanes, complete curing takes about twenty-four hours. 
Northern Exo-Coat was formulated specifically for adhesion to metal tanks.  Its ability to stick is improved by sand blasting or at least by solvent cleaning of the metal.  Special proprietary plastic fibers have been added to improve its resistance to cracking, chipping or peeling.  Because of the fibers, the overall appearance of the coating is uneven or rough.  The high gloss, however, makes it look very professional. 
Chemical Resistance
Northern Exo-Coat is very resistant to most solvents and chemicals after curing.   In fact it is very difficult to clean brushes or tools after curing.  While still tacky it may be cleaned up with most paint thinners and solvents.