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Small Block Chevy Stock Length Pushrod Kits

Small Block Chevy Stock Length Pushrod Kits

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SB Chevy Stock length Northern Auto Parts Pushrod, Guide plate and Rocker Arm studs (Shouldered with Jam Nut) Kits

Comp Cams Guide Plates #4808-8
Small Block Chevy (flat), 5/16" pushrod. Guide plates are a must for the high lift/spring pressure environments of today’s performance engines. Each one is designed using stereo lithography design techniques for the ultimate accurate fit. COMP Cams Guide Plates are hardened and black oxide finished. They come in many different configurations to fit your specific needs. Exact stud placement and rounded contact points are two additional outstanding features.

 Pioneer Screw-in Rocker Arm studs # 850013
3/8" Chevy and Ford, per 16
3/8" -24 x .950 rocker stud (rocker bolts to this part)
Stud effect length 1.800"
7/16"-14 x .680 with jam nut (this part bolts to head)
total over all length is 2.500"

 Federal-Mogul Stock length Pushrods # RP5015R

Federal-Mogul - Speed-Pro Small Block Chevy stock replacement. Hardened, for use with Guide Plates