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Proform 6-3/4" Black Harmonic Balancer Cover For Chevy SB
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Proform 6-3/4" Black Harmonic Balancer Cover For Chevy SB

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6-3/4" Black Harmonic Balancer Cover Chevy S/B by Proform

These patented harmonic balancer covers offer improved readability, more stable Top Dead Center indication and timing accuracy, enhanced appearance for a previously ignored underhood area, and the elimination of timing tapes which are inevitably flung off.

Using this cover improves timing accuracy because over time the etched outer inertia ring of a typical harmonic balancer may slip in relation to the center hub of the balancer, causing the etched markings to provide an inaccurate indication of Top Dead Center for the #1 piston.

Mounted directly through the center hub, this cover eliminates the affect of any outer inertia ring slippage. Aluminum. U.S. Patent 5,675,078.

Cover Finish Black
Cover Material Aluminum
Degree Marking Range 60 BTDC to 0 TDC-A
Degree Markings Yes
Harmonic Balancer Diameter (in) 6 3/4 in.
Part Type Harmonic Balancer Covers
Product Line Proform Harmonic Balancer Covers
Quantity Sold individually.