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Proform 67254 Aluminum Street Series Carburetor 600 CFM Mechanical
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Proform 67254 Aluminum Street Series Carburetor 600 CFM Mechanical

Part #: 67254
List Price: $601.04
Our Price: $416.52
You Save: $184.52

Proform Mechanical Secondary Street Carburetor with Electric Choke

PROFORM’s new 100% Aluminum Street Series Upgrade Carburetor are hand assembled in the U.S.

Based on the wildly successful Billet Aluminum Street Series carburetors the new PROFORM street carburetors are constructed of lightweight aluminum including changeable idle air bleeds for easy non-permanent calibration changes if needed. Keep your drills in your tool box; fine tuning is accomplished by simply changing air bleeds not opening calibration restrictions with a drill bit.

Each street carburetor features

  • Metering blocks with a street performance calibration that’s ready to roll right out of the box
  • Four corner idle on mechanical secondary carburetor to help fine tune the idle with aggressive camshaft profile
  • Changeable idle feed restrictions further expand the idle adjustment capabilities. 
  • Conventional service and tuning components are available in most performance retail outlets.
  • High quality, light weight die-cast aluminum fuel bowls with fuel level windows for quick visual reference. 
  • Float level changes do not require removal of a sight plug with the risk of fuel spilling all over the top of your engine.
  • Bowls come equipped with 3/8” inverted flare fuel inlet fittings and will accept all conventional dual feed fuel line
  • Compatible with Holley® four barrel carburetors.