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ATM-1 Mini Circuit Fuse Holder Single
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ATM-1 Mini Circuit Fuse Holder Single

Part #: ATM-1
List Price: $7.48
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ATM Mini Add A Circuit Fuse Holder Tap, Plug Into An Existing Fuse Holder Protects Original Circuit Use Wire Lead For New Circuit Add Additional Fuse For New Circuit 16 Gauge 10 AMP
Single Pack

This Add A Circuit allows you to get a professional installation of any accessory up to 10 amps without cutting or splicing into the current wiring.

  • Fast & Easy- Add additional circuits for electrical accessories such as car phones, CD players, fax machines, etc.
  • Turns One Fuse Slot into Two- Plugs into any fuse slot, even if the slot has a fuse installed.  Provides protection for both circuits.
  • Maintains New Car Warranty-  Does not void new car warranty since existing circuits are not altered.
Installation Instructions:
1.  Disconnect power source
2.  Select and remove a fuse in your vehicles fuse box( not to exceed 10 amps) with constant or switchable power capabilities that matches the power requirements of the accessory you are adding.
3.  Insert new accessory fuse (not to exceed 10 amps) into added slot.
4.  Install Add-A-Circuit with the newly added fuse installed, back into the fuse block.  Reconnect power source.  Turn on ignition to test new accessory for proper operation.   If the accessory does not operate, turn the Add-A-Circuit 180 degrees and reinsert into the fuse block. Retest new accessory.
5.  Replace the original fuse into the remaining slot on the Add-A-Circuit.  Test both accessories for proper operation.