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6.5" Damper for OLDS 350, 400 and 455 engines
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6.5" Damper for OLDS 350, 400 and 455 engines

Part #: 80022
List Price: $151.98
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6.5" Damper for OLDS 350, 400 and 455 engines. This is an externally balanced damper with a bolt-in counterweight. This damper will work on 350/400/455 cubic inch Olds V8 engines. This damper has the stock accessory pulley bolt circle plus a BB Chevy bolt circle. Some minor machining is required to use Chevy pulleys. This is a very affordable high performance street damper that is also suitable for some racing applications.

PowerForce+Plus great new street dampers are made from extremely tough nodular iron and are suitable for all street applications and mild (non SFI) racing applications. These dampers are designed to be safely revved to as high as 6,000 rpm.

PowerForce+Plus dampers are of the highest quality and are precision machined to tolerances tighter than OEM. They come with a gloss black paint finish and white timing marks for easier reading. Externally balanced dampers feature bolt-in counterweights that are precision balanced. Counterweights are included with all external dampers.

What is Bonding?When dampers are bonded, what does this mean? It means that the elastomer (rubber) that is sandwiched between the ring and the hub is bonded, or vulcanized, to metal. This is similar to the process used to bond the metal motor mounts to the rubber vibration isolaters used in these mounts.  This greatly increases the safety of the damper as most stock, and many inexpensive aftermarket dampers, are just pressed together and under heavy duty applications, the ring can rotate, moving your TDC mark from the true position, or fly off the engine. And that is very bad!

Balance Style External
Brand Professional Products
Degree Marking Range 60 BTDC to 0 TDC
Degree Markings Yes
Engine Balance Internal/External
Harmonic Balancer Construction Elastomer
Harmonic Balancer Finish Black anodized
Harmonic Balancer Material Nodular iron
Mounting Hardware Included No
Notes Includes both Olds pulley bolt pattern, and Big Chevy bolt pattern for use with crank trigger ignition. Has removable external weight, can be converted to internal balance.
Outside Diameter (in) 6.500 in.
Part Type Harmonic Balancers
Product Line Professional Products PowerForce Harmonic Dampers
Quantity Sold individually.
Safety Rating Not SFI-approved