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6.7" Damper for 429-460 BB Ford
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6.7" Damper for 429-460 BB Ford

Part #: 90008
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6.7" Damper for 429-460 BB Ford. The 90008 damper for 429/460 big block Ford engines is made to duplicate the original damper dimensions. It is 6.7" in diameter and features the standard 3/16" keyway plus an additional 1/4" keyway which permits use on some aftermarket dual keyed cranks. Although this engine is externally balanced, there is no imbalance weight in the damper so it comes as a neutral balance damper.

PowerForce+Plus Race Dampers are made from bulletproof 1045 steel. These dampers are designed to be installed on race engines that may rev over 10,000 rpm. Optimum damping occurs in the 6500 to 7500 rpm range. The machine work on these dampers is second to none and the critical fit tolerances and balance are held more closely than OEM. All externally balanced dampers feature bolt-in counterweights. This feature allows for swapping weights between dampers (Ford) or adding them to internal balanced dampers (Chevy) if you change applications. The basic damper in any family is the same with either a different counterweight (Ford) or an added counterweight (Chevy). This provides an unlimited amount of flexibility. Plus, you can't buy a more accurately balanced damper. Big Block 429-460 Ford - This damper utilizes a separate counterweight that is a spacer that goes over the crank and behind the damper. These weights are available from your Ford dealer (M-6359-D460) and must be used unless the engine assembly has been converted to an internally balanced engine by incorporating heavy metal in the crank.

 What is Bonding?When dampers are bonded, what does this mean? It means that the elastomer (rubber) that is sandwiched between the ring and the hub is bonded, or vulcanized, to metal. This is similar to the process used to bond the metal motor mounts to the rubber vibration isolaters used in these mounts.  This greatly increases the safety of the damper as most stock, and many inexpensive aftermarket dampers, are just pressed together and under heavy duty applications, the ring can rotate, moving your TDC mark from the true position, or fly off the engine. And that is very bad!

Balance Style Neutral
Brand Professional Products
Degree Marking Range 60 BTDC to 0 TDC
Degree Markings Yes
Engine Balance Internal
Harmonic Balancer Construction Elastomer
Harmonic Balancer Finish Black anodized
Harmonic Balancer Material Steel
Mounting Hardware Included No
Notes Must use Ford M-6359-D460 counterweight unless engine has been internally balanced. With stock keyway, and .250 inch keyway 180 degrees from that for dual keyway crank shafts.
Outside Diameter (in) 6.700 in.
Part Type Harmonic Balancers
Product Line Professional Products PowerForce Plus Harmonic Dampers
Quantity Sold individually.
Safety Rating SFI 18.1