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Traxion Tailgate Ladder 5-100
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Traxion Products Inc.

Traxion Tailgate Ladder 5-100

Part #: 5-100
List Price: $109.98
Our Price: $49.99
You Save: $59.99

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At the end of a long day (or as we get older) we sometimes need a little help with common tasks. Getting into the back of a pickup truck is one such task. Yeah, we can all do it, but it's not as easy as it should be.

Introducing The Tailgate Ladder. This three step ladder is easy to install on pretty much any truck. It provides nearly universal fit, deploys in a couple seconds and greatly reduces the strain of getting into the back of a truck.
This shows how The Tailgate Ladder secures to the tailgate and is out of the way of your cargo area.When it's time to go The Tailgate Ladder flips onto and secures to the tailgate out of the way of the valuable cargo space.

The Tailgate Ladder is ground supported, so it is not just hanging onto the tailgate. That is a good thing. The innovative (patented) Rocking Linkage keeps the ladder firmly planted. Despite a bouncing bed the ladder stays stable.
  • Swings easily into position
  • Ladder rests on ground for maximum support
  • Automatically adjusts to uneven terrain
  • Folds flat against tailgate
  • Fits tailgate heights from 28in.–42in.
  • Base plate easily bolts to either side of tailgate
  • Ladder is easily removed by pulling 2 snap pins
  • 250 lb rated

Traxion Tailgate Ladder Usage Photo #2

Traxion Tailgate Ladder Folded Up

Traxion Tailgate Ladder Usage Photo #4

Traxion Tailgate Ladder 5-100 Usage Photo #4