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Royal Purple 01320 Max ATF
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Royal Purple 01320 Max ATF

Part #: 01320
List Price: $28.78
Our Price: $12.79
You Save: $15.99

Royal Purple Max ATF is a synthetic high-performance automatic transmission fluid. Its low co-efficient of friction and high film strength help to dramatically reduce heat and wear. Additionally, Max ATF is more oxidation stable than other transmission fluids for a longer fluid life.

Automatic transmissions generate a great deal of heat and depend on the transmission fluid for cooling and protection. More than 90 percent of all automatic transmission failures are caused by overheating; a 20°F reduction in fluid temperature can double the life of the transmission (Source: Perma Industries, Inc.). Royal Purple Max ATF significantly reduces heat to extend the life of your transmission.

Royal Purple Max ATF  is fully compatible and can be mixed with other automatic transmission fluids; however, for the best results drain or flush the current oil and then fill with Royal Purple Max ATF .

Check your owner's manual for verification. Royal Purple's Max ATF is formulated exclusively for transmissions specifying a Ford Mercon® / GM Dexron® III type fluid.

For manual transmissions and / or transfer cases specifying a Ford Mercon® or GM Dexron® type ATF, Royal Purple recommends either its Max ATF or for greater performance, its Synchromax.

Royal Purple Max ATF Material Safety Data Sheet

Royal Purple Max ATF is a synthetic high-performance automatic transmission fluidTry Royal Purple today and Feel the Difference!

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