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Royal Purple 01600 Ice Radiator Super Coolant
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Royal Purple 01600 Ice Radiator Super Coolant

Part #: 01600
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Purple Ice is Formulated to reduce the surface tension of the coolant, which allows penetration of the porous metal surfaces at vital heat transfer areas of the cooling system to lower operating temperature. 

Purple Ice™ can be used with straight water for racing applications as well as coolant/ water concentrations found in passenger vehicles and is compatible with conventional and/ or Dex-Cool­ antifreeze. Purple Ice™ contains the exclusive ingredient Molybdate, which prevents corrosion and erosion of the soft metals in the cooling system.

  • Purple Ice™ contains corrosion inhibitors and is the ONLY coolant additive on the market that passes ASTM D-2570 Simulated Service Corrosion Tests in a straight water mixture.
  • Extensive testing has confirmed to reduce coolant temperatures up to 10%.
  • Most effective when added to the cooling system at a 1 ounce/ quart ratio.
  • A 16 ounce bottle of will treat cooling systems up to four gallons. Lowering engine operating temperatures can translate into more power and reliability.

One bottle of highly effective Purple Ice Radiator Super Coolant will drop the temperature of water, or water/antifreeze up to 20¯. It also adds metal protection to the cooling system. Relied upon by racers. Works great on the street. and is Ideal for towing!

Standard mix of water and glycol (antifreeze)

228° F

50 / 50 water / glycol mix with Purple Ice™ added

222° F

Straight water (no corrosion protection)

220° F

Water with Purple Ice™ added

200° F

*Purple Ice should not be used in new radiators until anti-freeze has been cycled through the system.

Royal Purple Recommended Treat Rate

For use with antifreeze -- 1 oz. / quart of cooling system capacity

For straight water applications -- 1.5 oz. / quart of cooling system capacity

Note: Minimum of 20 percent antifreeze recommended in street driven vehicles.

Purple Ice Material Safety Data Sheet