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Speed Pro E251K60 Federal-Mogul Rings Sets +.060 Oversize
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Speed Pro E251K60 Federal-Mogul Rings Sets +.060 Oversize

Part #: E251K60
List Price: $76.91
Our Price: $41.91
You Save: $35.00

4.00" +.060 OVER SIZE bore ring set Moly Coated Top Ring, GM,Ford,Chrysler, AMC with the top two ring 5/64" Thick and the bottom ring 3/16" thick and .200" Deep groove

Federal-Mogul's Sealed Power® brand offers premium molybdenum-faced and chrome-plated compression rings that are lapped to a light-tight finish for fast break-in and positive blow-by control. These materials are the ideal choices for top rings, which get the most heat, the most pressure and the least lubrication.

Rings made with molybdenum (moly), a hard, low-friction metal, have outstanding oil-carrying capacity to provide excellent top-ring lubrication. Federal-Mogul's Sealed Power® brand moly rings resist scuffing, reduce drag and seat fast.

Steel Compression Rings Replacing Cast Iron Rings

Federal-Mogul is implementing a material change to Sealed Power top piston rings from grey cast iron with plasma/moly to carbon steel with plasma/moly on many of our popular ring sets.

The advantages of the carbon steel include 35% more strength, 30% less weight due to smaller radial wall thickness and double the resistance to side wear, which is a common problem on late-model engines.

Since the steel is 35% stronger than cast iron, the rings can achieve the same ring tension with 35% less weight. The weight savings is accomplished by reducing the radial wall thickness of the steel ring. The result is a ring that's lighter, with a higher effective RPM potential and stronger to survive the abuse of today's high output engines. The material change also allows the ring to seal better due to the reduced radial wall allowing it to conform to the cylinder wall better.