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Car Tech Car Spy: Secret Cars Exposed
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Car Tech Car Spy: Secret Cars Exposed

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All automobile manufacturers go to great pains to keep their future models under wraps until ready for public unveiling. Huge proving grounds in remote locations with roving, menacing private security forces are enough to keep the casual observers away. But not everyone is a casual observer. Some are quite serious about clamping eyes (and lenses) on the latest design innovations, often years before they become available to the public.

If you've ever picked up a car magazine and looked at a grainy photo of an oddly shaped and camouflaged car under the headline 2017 Supercar Revealed! then you have seen the work of the Car Spy, Jim Dunne. This illustrated narrative tells the tales behind the photos, in an engaging and often humorous fashion. Car Spy: A Look Through the Lens of the Industry's Most Notorious Photographer is illustrated with more than 200 vintage black and white and modern color images of domestic and foreign cars in various stages of development and testing.

Car Spy will prove irresistible to automotive enthusiasts that have an interest in new cars, the manufacturing process, and the lengths manufacturers will go to in order to protect their intellectual property. People will be fascinated by the lengths a photographer will go to in order to scoop a manufacturer's new car. This book will narrate the humorous, behind-the-scenes stories to accompany the spy photos.

Pages: 224
Publisher: CarTech
ISBN: 9781613251393
Product Code: CT502P