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Superchips 1868 Flashpaq 2010+ EcoBoost Ford Gas
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Superchips 1868 Flashpaq 2010+ EcoBoost Ford Gas

Part #: 1868
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SuperChips 2010+ EcoBoost Ford Gas FlashPaq: The Flashpaq performance tuner is the best selling handheld tuner in the world. The success of the tuner is due to its' quality, innovation and performance results. The Flashpaq has set many standards for the industry including updating over the internet, first handheld in the industry, and first portable diesel tuning device. The Flashpaq continues to deliver incredible results letting users choose from multiple power levels and a variety of user-tunable options for the almost 1,000 vehicles Superchips tunes.

  • Industry leading tuning
  • Performance tunes available for all vehicles
  • Tunes are engineered across entire RPM range providing greater increases in
    • horsepower
    • torque
    • better drivability


  • Adjust speed and rev limiter on most vehicles
  • Tunes compatible with many hard part additions including cold-air-intake, exhaust, air filters, throttle body spacer
  • For vehicles requiring custom tuning to work with specific hard parts, tunes are available for purchase through Superchips internet update store
  • Fan temperature on/off available on vehicles with electronic fan control
  • Read & clear diagnostic trouble codes standard on all vehicles


  • Superchips Optimized transmission performance included on all vehicles including shift points and firmness
  • Shift points and firmness controls available for many vehicles
  • Superchips tunes all transmissions for drivability improvements to deliver optimized vehicle performance 


  • Advanced transmission tuning app available for purchase via Superchips internet update store
  • Three adjustable shift schedules
  • Normal for day-to-day driving
  • Low for 4x4 and AWD
  • O-Drive Off for vehicles with overdrive off option

Tuning options for each shift schedule

  • Shift 1, 2, 2P, 3, & 4 up
  • Shift 5, 4, 3, 3-2 prime (04 & 05) & 2 down
  • Shift 2 prime down (06 & newer)

Adjustable parameters within each shift point

  • Torque Management: WOT & Part Throttle
  • WOT: 1st, 2nd, 2nd_Prime, 3rd, 4th
  • Part Throttle: 1 up, 2 up, 2 Prime up, 3 up & 4 up

The app also allows you to return to stock, reset user values or save your settings for future use.

Currently available for Dodge 5.7L HEMI, 4.7L; and Jeep 5.7L HEMI, 4.7L, 4.0L and 3.8L engines.

Ford Diesel: 1855
Ford Gas: 1865
GM Diesel: 2855
GM Gas: 2865
Dodge Diesel: 3855
Dodge Gas: 3865
Jeep: 3875
Nissan: 4865

NOTE: Features vary be year, make, model and engine. Search by vehicle in question to find out the details. All Superchips tuning products for gasoline-fuled vehicles are either covered under CARB Executive Order number or are in a pending state. All non-racing Superchips tuning products for diesel-fueled vehicles are on the CARB products in progress list pending CARB testing and approval.