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SB Chevy TBI to Holley 2BBL Manifold Front Mount Carburetor
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SB Chevy TBI to Holley 2BBL Manifold Front Mount Carburetor

Part #: 2204
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SB Chevy TBI on to Holley 2BBL Manifold- FRONT MOUNT Carburetor to TBI Adapter.

Trans-Dapt’s innovative carburetor to TBI conversion adapters allow you to replace outdated, inefficient carburetors with a more efficient, morereliable TBI unit on carbureted engines. Adapt a complete Holley, 1986-1995 Chevy/GMC Truck TBI system to any Holley or QuadraJet manifold.

There are many reason to convert from a carbureted system to a TBI: Improved cold starts, Less sensitivity to changes in atmospheric conditions(i.e. elevation,temperature,humidity) If your vehicle currently has a Holley 2bbl, 4bbl or Qjet, These adapters will eliminate the expense of having to replace your existing inake manifold, that is designed for carburetor setups.

Simply bolt this plate to the intake manifold, and install your SB or BB Chevy TBI system to the adapter plate. Use these adapters in conjunction with a Trans-Dapt Swirl-Torque TBI spacer for maximum efficiency from your new TBI set-up.

Forward mount and rear mount adapter plates are available to provide more TBI System location flexibility.

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Adapter Finish Natural
Adapter Material Steel
Adapter Style Individual venturi ports
Brand Trans-Dapt Performance Products
Gaskets Included Yes
Hardware Included Yes
Height (in) 0.250 in.
Part Type Throttle Body Adapters, Carbureted Manifold
Product Line Trans-Dapt Performance Throttle Body to Carbureted Manifold Adapters
Quantity Sold individually.