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Transtar 1967-Up GM TH400 Overhaul Kit

Transtar 1967-Up GM TH400 Overhaul Kit

Part #: TH400HP
List Price: $398.18
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Transtar GM TH400 performance transmission overhaul kit for the 67 and up models.

GM TH400, 67-Up, Performance Transmission Overhaul Kits
Most Kits Include: Transtech paper and rubber kit with sealing rings, seals, new steels (not tumbled) and Alto Red friction clutches, Heavy Duty Kevlar front band, filter and popular bushings and washers.

Keep That Tranny Cool with a Transtar transmission cooler
Do you Need To keep an eye on that temp, do it with B&M's Gauge, you can also lube that trany with B&M's Trick Shift

Component      Component Description                          Qty 
K34900D-1      GSK KIT 400 65-UP                                 1 
B34510           BAND REAR 400                                       1 
K34901A         S.R. KIT 400 65-UP                                  1 
34406             S.R. CENTER SUPPORT 400 64-UP         6 
34710AT        S.R. ACCUM/INNER TEF 400/4L80E         1 
34711             S.R. ACCUM PISTON VARIOUS GM         2 
34712T           S.R. ACCUM OUTER TEF 400/4L80E       1 
34304R          FRICTION FWD/DIR 400 ALTO RED         10 
34305A          STEEL FWD FLAT 400 65-UP                    5 
34305B          STEEL FWD/DIR WAVED 400 65-UP         1 
34305C          STEEL DIRECT THICK 400 91-UP            4 
34325X          BAND FRONT 400 64-UP                           1 
34404R          FRICTION INTER SMOOTH 400 ALTO      3 
34405            STEEL INTERMEDIATE 400 64-UP           3 
34661A          FILTER 400 FLAT 67-UP                           1 
34743D          M/C SEAL EXT HSG 400 65-UP                 1 
38151V          M/C/SEAL FT PUMP VAMAC GM 64UP     1
K34903          BUSHING KIT 400 64-UP                           1
34002            BUSHING FT/RR STATOR 325/400            4
34003            BUSHING CENTER SUPPORT 400 64U      1
34004A          BUSHING OUTPUT NARROW 400/4L80     1
34005A          BUSHING EXT HSG WIDE 400 65-78         1
34006            BUSHING CASE 400 64-UP                         1
34008            BUSHING PLANET 400/4L80E                    1
8005              BUSHING FRONT PUMP VARIOUS GM       1