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Wolo Cannon Ball Express Lanyard Valve 152 Decibels 307/347/440
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Wolo Cannon Ball Express Lanyard Valve 152 Decibels 307/347/440

Part #: 839
List Price: $505.50
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Wolo Cannon Ball Express™ Train Horn 152 Decibels-150 HZ Operates by a manual lanyard valve. The lanyard valve is included, a simple and classic pull on a chain or wire rope  to activate this horn. When a truck owner demands a ultra powerful horn, Wolo Cannon Ball Express™  is the one to choose. Gives any truck a true train horn sound. Constructed of all metal with three (3) triple chrome plated trumpets. The horn's base is plated steel.

The Wolo Cannon Ball Express™ requires an on-board 85-110 psi air system. Comes with all required mounting hardware and 10 foot length of 1/4" nylon high pressure hose. 


  • Horn Size: L 16 1/4 in. x W 15 in. x H 11 in. 
  • Sound output: 152db / 150 Hz 
  • Operates by a manual lanyard valve
  • Horn construction: All metal, trumpets are brass chrome plated 
  • Mounting hardware: Stainless steel 
  • Air fitting: 1/4"

I Have seen and heard this horn in person, The Wolo Cannon Ball Express™ is Big and Loud and I think it puts a train horn to shame

Sound file is to demonstrate horns sound not loudness