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Wirthco 20188 Knife Switch: In-Line Remote Mount (Eye To Eye)
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Wirthco 20188 Knife Switch: In-Line Remote Mount (Eye To Eye)

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Knife Switch: In-Line Remote Mount (Eye To Eye) Surface Mounted. For concealed installations, where battery box space is limited, or in space restricted areas. Great for tricky space problems, theft deterrence, and convenience!

Attach switch to location near operator, inside fender wall, fire wall, or other remote area to deter theft and stop battery drain. Attach a cable from your battery to this unit and connect another cable from this unit to the starter or other power loads.

One side connects to the battery cable; other side connects to the vehicle cable. Applications include: Agricultural Switch; Tractor Battery Switch; Battery Disconnect Switch for Stored Vehicles; R.V. Battery Disconnects; Battery Cut-Offs for Recreational Vehicles; O.E.M. Battery Switches. 

  • Eyelet to Eyelet Both terminals are 5/16" bolts for receiving eyelet cable connectors. 
  • Carries 250 amps continuous and a maximum surge of 750 amps. 
  • 3" wide x 4" long x 2" high. Mounting hole is 1/4" diameter.