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Wirthco 24103 LED ATM Mini Fuses 10 Pack Assortment
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Wirthco 24103 LED ATM Mini Fuses 10 Pack Assortment

Part #: 24103
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Wirthco LED ATM Mini Fuses 10 Pack Assortment, 2 each – 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 amps These Fuses do the thinking for you ! By Lighting up when they burn out !

  • Save time and remove the guesswork searching for a burned out fuse.
  • These fuses do the thinking for you by lighting up when they burn out!
  • Ideal for those hard to see areas!
  • Each fuse is color coded to indicate the amperage.
  • All feature an enclosed element to prevent shocks, sparks and corrosion.
  • Designed to OEM specifications.

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Replace all your fuses with Wirthco LED fuses.
Matching amp rating to amp rating and fuse type to fuse type

When fuse is blown, turn ignition key to the run position just before the starter engage position.
Inspect fuse area, the Wirthco LED fuse will shine brightly telling that it is blown!