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The transmission is the heart of movement, and proper lubrication free from harmful contaminants is vital to keep that heart healthy. we has a full line of industry-leading transmission filters for passenger cars and light trucks

Dirt and contaminants can enter your transmission fluid system through the vent, or through the dipstick and fill tube during fluid level checking/filling. Most of the time, contaminants are the result of normal transmission wear. These contaminants consist of metal chips and flakes from gears and bushings and material from clutch facings.

Our automatic transmission filters protect against contaminants in the transmission fluid system. Proper filtration helps improve transmission life by minimizing wear and preventing sticking and scoring of sensitive shift control valves. In the event of a part failure, the filter also guards against secondary damage to other parts and helps to minimize repair costs

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Part #: 114011

A/T Filter Aluminum Powerglide 62-73
Price: $7.47

Part #: 34011A

A/T Filter GM TH400 67-UP, Dacron Filter Kit
Price: $5.97

Part #: 44011B

A/T Filter TH350 69-86
Price: $4.79

Part #: A12011G

Transmission Filter and Gasket Kit A12011G for Chrysler 727/904
Price: $4.61

Part #: A26011B

A/T Filter Ford C4 1970-81
Price: $4.28

Part #: A34011A

Transmission Filter and Gasket Kit A34011A for GM TH400 67-Up
Price: $4.33

Part #: A36011B

A/T Filter Ford C6 Truck Except Truck & 4WD 76-UP
Price: $3.99

Part #: A36011C

A/T Filter Ford C6 Truck & 4WD 1973-Up
Price: $5.23

Part #: A74011

A/T Filter GM TH700R4 1982-Up
Price: $7.35

Part #: CFK12776C

A/T Filter Chrysler 727/904
Price: $3.13

Part #: F80

Transtar Tranny Filters & Gasket Kits for GM TH700R4 82-UP
Price: $9.99