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TD - Mixture Channel and Step Spacers

Our exclusive SWIRL-TORQUE spacers use channels and steps to offer performance gains that far surpass any standard carb spacer. The “Mixture Channels” improve low to mid RPM torque and pulling power. The “Mixture Steps” offer improved WIDE-OPEN throttle performance making them perfect for racing applications.

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TD Trans Dapt Performance Products

Part #: 2081

2 Inch Holley/AFB Open Spacer
Price: $46.98

Part #: 2084

1" Holley/AFB Open Spacer
Price: $40.27

Part #: 2109

1" Quadrajet Open-Cast Spacer
Price: $49.77

Part #: 2432

2" Holley/AFB Ported Spacer w/”Mixture Channels” Aluminum
Price: $61.59