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High Energy & Dual Energy Cams, Old 260-455ci

High Energy™ Cam
These high torque cams work very well on the street. Designed for use in carbureted engines having a 9:1 CR or less. Can be used in conjunction with most stock components, including intake and exhaust manifolds, and carburetors. Normally, gas mileage will either remain the same or increase over a stock cam


Dual Energy™ Cam
These cams have more exhaust duration and lift than intake. Designed for applications where a slight sacrifice in low end is acceptable for an increase in mid and upper range RPM horsepower. They may be used in conjunction with an exhaust system that is much more restrictive than the intake system

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Part #: 42-227-4

HYDRAULIC: Ideal for family sedans. Good low end torque and economy, smooth idle.
Price: $230.95

Part #: 42-228-4

HYDRAULIC: Excellent power for towing, good performance with highway gears, smooth idle.
Price: $230.95

Part #: 42-229-4

HYDRAULIC: Performance camshaft for mild Street Machines Broad power band, noticeable idle.
Price: $230.95