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Hooker Competition Headers

Hooker Competition Headers                    

The Low-Cost Way To High Performance
Hooker Competition headers offer the best value in the high performance header market. Designed for the value-conscious buyer who is running either a "stock" or "mildly-modified" engine, Hooker Competition headers offer premium features at a very competitive price.

Made of durable 16 gauge mild steel tubing, the Hooker Competition header design utilizes a long transition collector design to reduce back pressure and increase exhaust flow. A perfect sealing surface is assured with the 5/16" machined flanges, with welded O-ring seals. Experience has proven that this flange size is ideal to maintain header integrity and be pliable enough to seal each exhaust port. Tubing is mandrel-bent to maintain metal strength and provide consistent tube diameter at radii to maximize performance.

Hooker Competition headers have a standard finish that features a heat-cured, high-heat-resistant paint. Optionally, the famous Hooker Ceramic

TIP: Breaking in an engine with ceramic coated headers WILL result in damage to the coating and will void all warranties. Ceramic coated headers require several heat cycles to fully cure before they will withstand extreme heat. Hooker recommends using cast iron exhaust manifolds or old headers to break in new engines to avoid coating damage.
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Hooker Headers

Part #: 2451HKR

1970-87 Chevy Monte Carlo, Chevelle, ElCamino 265-400 Engine
Price: $272.95

Part #: 2452HKR

1973-87 Small Block Chevy 1/2-1 Ton 2WD Trucks - 2 1/2" Collector & 1 5/8" Tubes
Price: $321.95

Part #: 2453HKR

1976-91 Chevy Small Block Blazer/Jimmy, Yukon/Tahoe 4WD 305-400 - 2 1/2" Collectors & 1 5/8" Tubes
Price: $287.95

Part #: 2455HKR

1971-74 BB Chevy Monte Carlo,Chevelle,ElCamino 396-454 - 3 1/2" Collectors & 2" Tubes
Price: $285.95

Part #: 2469-1HKR

Hooker Competition Headers Chevy Camaro, Pontiac Firebird 5.7L
Price: $672.95

Part #: 2806HKR

Super Competition Header Small Block Chevy/GMC Blazer,Suburban,Yukon
Price: $732.95

Part #: 4902HKR

Competition Headers Pontiac Firebird 326-455 Engine
Price: $352.95

Part #: 5901HKR

Competition Headers Dodge/Plymouth 273,318,340,360 Engine
Price: $278.95

Part #: 6901HKR

Hooker Headers 1967-73 Ford Mustang Fairlane/Cougar 351W - 3" Collectors & 1 5/8" Tubes
Price: $272.95

Part #: 6903HKR

Competition Headers Ford F-Series Pickup 352,360,390 FE
Price: $368.95

Part #: 6906HKR

Competition Headers Ford F100/150 Pickup 352,360,390 FE
Price: $354.94

Part #: 6907HKR

Competition Headers Ford Bronco, F-Series Pickup 5.0L 2WD/4WD
Price: $307.95

Part #: 6912HKR

Competition Headers Ford Bronco, F100/150/250 Pickup 5.8L Engine
Price: $323.95

Part #: 6915HKR

Competition Headers Ford Mercury 351C 4V
Price: $318.95

Part #: 6916HKR

Competition Headers Ford Bronco, F-Series Pickup 351M, 400
Price: $344.95