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Chevy 350 Rebuild Kit for Years 1969-1980

350 Chevy Engine Rebuild Kit | Chevy 350 Rebuild Kit

350 Chevy Engine Rebuild Kit1969-1980. Engine kit, cam kit and re-ring kit

If you need a Chevy rebuild kit for years 350 1969-1980, Take a look at this! The lowest price kits out there with brand name components.

Chevy 350 rebuild kit for years 1969-1980 comes complete with top quality parts from: Federal Mogul/Sealed Power,Hastings, Melling and optional upgrades allow for substitutions at the cost indicated. Oversizes available at no extra cost. I.E. pistons, rings and bearings sizes


Chevy 350 1969-1980
Master Kit Includes:

  • Stock Camshaft
  • Sealed Power Lifters
  • Stock Timing set
  • Silvolite Pistons
  • Cast Piston Rings
  • Rod Bearings
  • Main Bearings
  • Cam Bearings
  • Melling Oil Pump
  • Steel Frost Plugs
  • Overhaul Gasket Set

Please note: We will substitute top quality brand names for the above items... We stock Hastings, Sealed Power, Clevite and other top quality brands as back up inventory.  Thanks for your order!

Chevy 350 1969-1980
Cam Kit Includes:

Includes Camshaft, Lifters, and Timing Set

  • Stock style Camshaft
  • Stock style Lifters
  • Stock style Timing set

Chevy 350 1969-1980
Re-Ring Kit Includes:

Includes Piston Rings, Rod and Main Bearings and Gasket Set

  • Stock style Piston Rings
  • Stock style Rod Bearings
  • Stock style Main Bearings
  • Stock style Gasket Set

Here are some Engine Rebuilding Tips

  1. Need oversized pistons? Make sure you match rings to the piston over-size
  2. Never soak your lifters, just coat them with a good cam lube prior to installation
  3. When replacing your camshaft with a higher lift cam, always buy matching springs
  4. Remember to use Plastigage on your bearings to make sure of proper oil clearance 
  5. When installing any bearing do not attempt to polish the bearing running surface with any type of abrasive pad or paper.
  6. Use an Engine Break-in Oil Additive such as Comp Cam's #159


About The Chevy 350 Engine for Years 1969-1980

The Chevy 350 engine, a legendary powerhouse in the automotive world, had a remarkable decade of production between 1969 and 1980. Introduced as the standard in Chevrolet's sporty Camaro, this high-performance small-block engine quickly gained recognition for its reliability, power, and potential for customization. The versatility of the Chevy 350, coupled with its impressive horsepower range of 145 to 370, made it a favorite among car enthusiasts and mechanics alike. Whether it was powering a classic muscle car or a hardworking truck, the 350 Chevy engine was synonymous with American performance. The engine's popularity has also led to an extensive aftermarket for parts and upgrades, which remains robust even decades after the last of these engines rolled off the assembly line.


About 350 Chevy Engine Rebuild Kits by Northern Auto Parts

In response to the enduring demand for this iconic engine, Northern Auto Parts offers a range of Chevy 350 rebuild kits. Our 350 Chevy engine rebuild kit is meticulously assembled for optimal performance, whether you're looking to restore an old classic or boost the performance of your daily driver. Each Chevy 350 rebuild kit is designed with a focus on high-quality components that meet or exceed original equipment specifications. This ensures that every rebuild not only revives your Chevy 350 engine but also enhances its performance, reliability, and longevity. We understand the passion and dedication that goes into rebuilding these engines, and our goal is to provide a one-stop solution for all your rebuild needs. Trust Northern Auto Parts, the industry-leading provider of engine rebuilding kits, to bring your Chevy 350 back to its former glory.


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