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Sky Guard EGR Kleen Screen Carbon Filters

Catch and filter out carbon particles in the EGR system that cause stalling and rough idle. Inspect and clean or replace every 12,000 to 15,000 miles (5,000 to 10,000 miles if vehicle is subject to short trip operation.)

Tomco has designed a replacement EGR gasket that contains a fine mesh, heat resistant screen to help prevent rough idle and stalling in Ford vehicles using "Sonic" type EGR valves. These valves have the EGR position sensor mounted on top of the valve and operate the EGR's diaphragm

Stop and go driving conditions cause carbon accumulation in the exhaust passages leading to the EGR valve. When these particles break loose, they can be lodged between the EGR valve pintle and its seat. The result is rough idle and stalling.

Tomco's EGR gasket replaces the original equipment type gasket. The heat resistant filter screen catches these particles before they can cause trouble.

An EGR carbon filter is the best way to correct this condition. A new (expensive) EGR valve may foul again in a short time. Clean the EGR valve pintle and seat when installing the EGR carbon filter

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TomCo Inc.

Part #: 2-1121

EGR Kleen Screen Ford 80-93, Lincoln 80-92, Mercury 80-91
Price: $7.48

Part #: 2-1378

EGR Kleen Screen Ford 92-98, Lincoln 91-98, Mercury 92-97
Price: $9.61