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Aeroquip Inverted Flare Brake Adapters

Aeroquip Inverted Flare Brake Adapters
• Steel
• S.A.E.
• 2 Per Package

Tech Tip

Sealing Surfaces

Most fittings and adapters used in the Motorsport industry are based on a 37º ­ sealing surface. A 37­º  fitting and a 37­º  adapter mate together for a tight, leak-proof assembly. However, there are other similar fittings and adapters that use a 45º ­ sealing surface. These 45­º  fittings and adapters can be found in other automotive applications. They may also look like a 37º ­ fitting or adapter, but are not interchangeable. In most sizes, they may thread together but will not seal, due to the different sealing surface angles. Make sure you know the sealing angle of the parts you are assembling.


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Part #: FCM2927

37º Male Flare to 42º Inverted Flare
Price: $15.27

Part #: FCM2936

37º Male Flare to Female FCM2936
Price: $12.51

Part #: FCM2937

37º Male Flare to Female
Price: $17.88