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Speed Pro Hypereutectic Pistons for Ford's

Speed Pro-Federal Mogul Cast Hyperuetectic Pistons for Ford's Sealed Power is the premier brand of replacement engine parts for automotive, performance and a wide range of other applications. Sealed Power replacement pistons are manufactured from exclusive aluminum alloys matched to the engines’ performance requirements. Proprietary casting, machining techniques and quality control procedures ensure unsurpassed reliability and service

  • Optimized metallurgy allows operation with standard ring end gaps and conventional ring land locations
  • Highly resistant to scuffing
  • Ideal choice for street performance applications
  • Most Feature DUROSHIELD® anti-friction skirt coating

DUROSHIELD® skirt coating dramatically reduces friction and related scuffing without the need to adjust wall clearance. The result is enhanced ring seal, increased horsepower and extended piston life.

 Speed-Pro’s hypereutectic pistons operate perfectly with standard ring end gaps and have conventional ring land locations. When compared to traditional cast pistons, which are not designed for performance use, the hypereutectics are significantly stronger, particularly in the highly loaded ring land, skirt and pin bore areas. Speed-Pro’s FM244 Alloy contains 16.5 percent silicon and has excellent tensile and fatigue strength. This material’s improved thermal characteristics, its greater hardness and the increased resistance to scuffing permit tight bore clearances which help minimize noise on cold engine start up. This quiet operation, along with a lower cost are the primary advantages over a comparable forged piston. These pistons are an excellent choice for street performance, “claimer” oval track engines and bracket racing use. They will also work well in moderate supercharged applications and are suitable for towing and marine use

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Sealed Power Pistons

Part #: H273CP

302 Based Engine, Flat Top 4 Valve Reliefs, 1.605 Compression Distance, .011 Deck Clearance, .0015 Skirt Clearance.
Price: $20.37
Part #: H336CP

351W Based Engine,. Flat Top 4 Valve Reliefs, 4.000 bore x 3.500 Stroke, 1.772 Compression Distance, .026Deck Clearance, .0015 Skirt Clearance. The price is for one, but requires to be purchased as a set of 8.
Price: $31.51

Part #: H535CP

460 BASED eng. Flat Top (4.360 bore x 3.850 Stroke) press pin, coated skirt. Pistons sold in sets of 8, price shown is each.
Price: $35.47

Part #: H591CP

4.6L (281) Modular V-8 eng. Dish Top (3.551 bore x 3.542 Stroke) press pin, coated skirt, 1991- 95. Pistons sold in sets of 8, price shown is each. You must place 8 Pistons in your cart to receive this price.
Price: $27.56