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High Energy & Dual Energy Cams, Ford 2.0-2.3L OHC

High Energy™ Cam Ford 2000-2300 OHC High Energy Camshafts
These high torque cams work very well on the street. Designed for use in carbureted engines having a 9:1 CR or less. Can be used in conjunction with most stock components, including intake and exhaust manifolds, and carburetors. Normally, gas mileage will either remain the same or increase over a stock cam.

You must replace your springs and lifters/Followers**,   

Comp Cams tells use that NEW stock springs** will handle up to a .424 Lift, if you go over that lift then the springs you need will require you to machine your heads ( **Proof of purchase is required for warranty )

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Part #: 70-115-6

RPM range 800-4800, HYDRAULIC: Excellent torque and good mileage. Perfect cam for OEM replacement.
Price: $394.95

Part #: 70-119-6

RPM range 1000-5000, HYDRAULIC: Power and mileage increase in low-mid RPM range. Great for highway driving.
Price: $394.95

Part #: 70-123-6

HYDRAULIC: Good for towing in truck and sedans. Excellent torque. Smooth Idle.
Price: $394.95