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Moroso Oil Accumulators

Moroso Oil Accumulators provide an instantaneous supply of oil when pressure falls below a safe level.

All Accumulators store oil under pressure and automatically release that oil to the main galleries when oil pressure drops. Moroso Accumulators can also be used to manually to pre-lube engines before starting to prevent cold-start scuffing and premature bearing wear.

Eliminates Cold Start Scuffing
Before the engine is shut down, the driver must turn the pre-oiling valve to the Off position to retain the pressurized oil charge until the next start-up. Before starting a cold engine, the driver opens the valve and the pressurized oil in the Accumulator pre-oils the engine and prevents cold start scuffing, dramatically increasingthe life of cylinder walls, piston rings, and bearings. Maximum performance levels can be maintained for a longer period without expensive, time-consuming engine teardowns. Using the Accumulator saves you time and money.

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Part #: 23900

Accumulator, 3 quart capacity, 20-1/8" x 4-1/4" Accumulators
Price: $284.99

Part #: 23920

Accumulator Mount, use with Moroso Accumulator
Price: $37.99