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Looking for performance exhaust products or need help in choosing performance exhaust systems here at Northern Auto Parts we would like to help you in your search to get more performance out of your exhaust system Knowledge is power so please scroll down and soak up as much as you want

What's the sound difference between a round muffler and an oval muffler?

What sound difference will I get with a smaller muffler as opposed to a larger muffler?

Performance Mufflers

After Burner Sound Engineered Mufflers
Flow Tech Red Hots
Flowtech Raptor Turbo Mufflers
MAGNAFLOW Aluminized Oval 3.5"x7" & 4"x9"
MAGNAFLOW Aluminized Oval 5"x 8" & 5"x 11"
 MAGNAFLOW Aluminized Round - 4" and 6"
MAGNAFLOW  Stainless Steel 4" and 6" Round Universal, & Race
MAGNAFLOW  Stainless Steel 4"x 9" & 5"x 8", Oval
MAGNAFLOW Performance Mufflers: Street & Race and uni with tips

Hooker Mufflers
Hedman Turbo Mufflers
Flowmaster Mufflers: 40 Series Delta Flow­
Flowmaster Mufflers: 40 Series The Original Flows­
Flowmaster Mufflers: Delta Flow Race, Scavenger, 50, 70, & 80 Series


Performance Exhaust Systems

What is a Performance exhaust Cat-Back system performance exhaust catback system

What is a Performance exhaust Muffler Back system performance exhaust mufflerback
Most Performance exhaust Cat-Back Exhaust Systems come with everything needed to bolt up in place of your factory system using basic tools. No welding is required. Many customers install our systems themselves due to ease of installation. Most systems can be bolted on We offer both Flowmaster and Magnaflow Cat-Back System

Performance exhaust Catback systems
Performance exhaust Catback systems

Diesel Systems

What is a Diesel Performance exhaust Turbo Back system
What is a Diesel Performance exhaust Down Pipe Back system 

With  a diesel catback you can gain horsepower, torque, and sound. Below is our line of components for truck/SUV Diesel Cat back system applications. Designed to give you the Performance Exhaust advantage with the extra durability needed for a diesel exhaust system
Diesel Performance exhaust systems 
Performance exhaust Catback systems

What's the difference between Stainless Steel and Aluminized Steel? Do I need an "H" pipe or X pipe to my dual Performance Exhaust?  H and X pipe 
Will a newer model vehicle run better if I replace the single inlet muffler with a true dual Performance exhaust system? 




What pipe size should I use for a street application?

more, important exhuast items

MAGNAFLOW Performance Exhaust Tips
Aluminized Plug Wire Sheath
Cool-Tape ™
Cool-Tube Extreme™
Crushproof Ventilation Hose
Exhaust Cut Outs
Exhaust Wrap
Floor & Tunnel Shield Heat & Sound Insulation
Heat Screen
Loctite Thread Sealants and Treatments
Stainless Steel Locking Ties™

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Part #: cat back info

we hope that this picture will help you pick the performance exhaust system you want and need
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Part #: H pipe

Do I need to install an "H" pipe to my dual exhaust?
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Part #: newer True daul

Flowmaster does not recommend replacing factory single inlet exhaust systems with a "true dual" system on computer controlled vehicles.
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Part #: performance exhaust

Performance Exhaust Tips
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Part #: Pipe size

What pipe size should I use for a street application?
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Part #: smaller is louder

A smaller muffler is going to give you a much louder sound than you would normally get with a larger muffler
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Part #: sound

There is no difference in sound between the round or oval muffler
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Part #: the difference

The main difference between the two is pricing and the outer shell of the mufflers
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