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Electric Fans by Proform

Proform Electric Fans with Bow Tie Emblem help prevent overheating in stop-and-go traffic. Designed to fit the most popular cars and trucks, increases gas mileage, improves engine performance, frees the water pump pulley for more RPM, and installs easily within minutes using simple hand tools. 

The 10", 12", 14", and 16" fans are reversible (mounts in front or back of radiator).  Ultra-thin design to fit cramped locations.  Reinforced glass filled polypropylene blade and plastic housing for minimized weight.  Nylon tie mounting kit included.  Each fan features the popular Chevy Bow-tie Emblem in red.

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Part #: 141-641

Proform 10" Electric Fan with Bow Tie Emblem, 2-1.2" thickness, 3000 Motor RPM, 7 AMP Draw, 25 Fuse Size Amp, 1000 CFM
Price: $69.62

Part #: 141-642

Proform 12" Electric Fan 3000RPM, 2 1/2" Thickness, 1200CFM
Price: $77.65

Part #: 141-644

Proform 14" Electric Fan 4" Thickness, 2500RPM, 1650CFM
Price: $96.38

Part #: 141-646

Proform 16" Electric Fan, 4" Thickness, 2000RPM, 2100CFM
Price: $101.54

Part #: 67010

High Performance 10-Inch Electric Fan. Universal
Price: $46.03

Part #: 67012

High Performance 12-Inch Electric Fan Universal.
Price: $51.34

Part #: 67014

High Performance 14-Inch Electric Fan Universal
Price: $63.74

Part #: 67016

High Performance 16-Inch Electric Fan Universal
Price: $67.15