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Speed Pro Forged Pistons for Fords

Speed Pro Forged Pistons for Fords set the standard for the performance industry, with material and design superiority that has been proven in every form of racing. The forging process has inherent advantages in terms of density, ultimate strength and durability. Forging eliminates porosity in the metal, improves ductility, and will allow the piston to run cooler than a comparable cast unit.
     POWERFORGED pistons start from a “near net shape” forging, with a desirable horizontal grain flow and tightly controlled head thickness. This minimizes piston weight without compromising strength. These pistons are better able to withstand the high cylinder pressures and skirt loads imposed by racing use, and are more likely to survive limited detonation and valve piston contact which may occur during a race. 
    If your vehicle is to be used for endurance racing, faster classes of drag racing, or extreme duty street performance, you should probably select a forged piston. Engines with very high compression ratios (11:1 and over), high boost superchargers, nitrous oxide, or which operate under conditions approaching detonation will benefit from the powerforged piston's characteristics.

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Sealed Power Forged Pistons

Part #: L2303NF

Ford 428 .085 Dish 4 valve relief, Floating Pin, Cobra Jet , 4.130 bore x 3.980 stroke, pistons sold in sets of 8, price shown is each
Price: $73.69
Part #: L2446F

Ford 351W .110 Dish or 13cc valve relief cup, Press Pin, 1973 and later block with 9.503 deck height, pistons sold in sets of 8, price shown is each
Price: $54.94