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AIRAID Intake Systems are specifically designed to take full advantage of today’s vehicle technology. AIRAID performance success story is really quite simple, AIRAID Intake Systems use the latest dyno-proven techniques and innovative designs to improve upon intake system efficiency. Therefore, the greater the efficiency level, the greater the horsepower output!

AIRAID Intake Systems Filtration

The unique inlet track and filter combination is substantially less restrictive when compared to production type OEM air-boxes. In fact, the air-flow/cfm (cubic feet per minute) is dramatically improved up to 20% with AIRAID Intake Systems. This proves once again, the higher the airflow, the greater the engine's efficiency and horsepower output. Dyno-testing has resulted in gains as high as 18 horsepower , with no other changes or modifications!

AIRAID Intake Systems Technology

Nothing is used but the finest materials and production methods such as mandrel-formed, larger diameter tubing. Powder coating inside and out provides greater flow, protection against any harsh elements and improved eye-appeal. Special injection molding techniques are used on some intake systems. Plus, superior filters are washable, reusable and typically last the life of the vehicle.

AIRAID Intake Systems Installation

All kits are installer friendly. Usually 30 minutes or less is all it takes. No drilling, cutting or fabrication to contend with. Minimal mechanical know-how is required. A few common hand tools are all that's necessary to complete an upgrade.

Air Intake Systems

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Part #: 510-134

2001-2004 Toyota Tacoma with the 3.4L engine
Price: $342.08

Part #: 510-153

1999 - 2000 Toyota Tacoma with the 3.4L V6.
Price: $342.08

Part #: 510-163

2003 - 2004 Toyota Tundra Pick-Up with the 4.7L engine.
Price: $353.10

Part #: 510-173

2005 - 2006 Toyota Sequoia and Tundra models with the 4.7L engine.
Price: $353.10

Part #: 510-179

2005 - 2006 Toyota Tacoma Pick-Up with the 4.0L engine
Price: $301.23

Part #: 510-201

2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser with the 4.0L engine
Price: $301.23

Part #: 520-130

2000 - 2004 Nissan Frontier 3.3L and 3.3L S/C, 2000 - 04 Xterra 3.3L and 3.3L S/C
Price: $253.77

Part #: 520-152

2004 - 2006 Nissan Titan and Armada with the 5.6L V8 engine
Price: $262.61

Part #: 520-188

2005 - 2006 Nissan Frontier, Exterra and Pathfinders with the 4.0L engine
Price: $262.61