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Effex Top Coat with Tiny metallic prism flakes

Dupli-color's Effex

Give non-metallic paint a brilliant glitter effect with Dupli-color's Effex™ coating’s tiny metallic particles that change color at various angles of light. Available in clear, where the base color shows through, while Dupli-color's Effex™ adds a color changing sparkle. Also available in black, which applies a high-gloss black base, with the color changing sparkle floating in it. Perfect for accessories like body molding, hood scoops, mirrors and spoilers

  • Brilliant glitter effect.
  • Changes color at various angles.
  • Available in clear & black.
  • Perfect for accessories like body molding, hood scoops, mirrors 
  • Looks really cool on spoilers.

  • MSDS Sheet for Effex™

    Watch a short Quicktime® clip of a Dupli-Color Rep using Dupli-color's Effex.

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    Part #: EFX100

    Clear, Dupli-color's Effex
    Price: $18.82

    Part #: EFX101

    Black, Dupli-color's Effex
    Price: $14.74