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Mr Gasket Timing Tape Chevy

Mr Gasket Timing Tape

Avoid trouble with this precision timing tape. Use it for accurate timing, setting valve lash or when degreeing the harmonic balancer.

Accurate ignition timing is one of the most vital adjustments you can make to your engine. Proper timing can mean the difference between winning and losing a race or even blowing an engine (as a worst case scenario). Recognizing the importance of the timing, Mr Gasket  offers these Timing Tapes.

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Mr Gasket

Part #: 1588

Mr Gasket Timing Tape for Chevy 6-3/4" balancers
Price: $17.03

Part #: 1589

Mr Gasket Timing Tape for Chevy 7" balancers
Price: $14.19

Part #: 1591

Mr Gasket Timing Tape for Chevy 8" balancers
Price: $14.19