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MSD® Street Fire™ Distributor is the value line of MSD® Ignition. Street Fire™ components offer a quality-designed alternative to the bargain parts springing up all over. MSD® knows the importance of a centrifugal advance in a distributor so their engineers made sure that the MSD® Street Fir™e received an advance assembly with coated weights and welded weight pins--not just pressed in like other models. Another area you cannot scrimp on is a distributor gear. The Street Fire™ is fit with the same gear used on Pro-Billet models. The metallurgy of this gear has been refined for years to perform through the harshest conditions.
Inside, the ignition module and coil work together to produce a stout spark. The high voltage is transferred through a new rotor to the brass terminals of the distributor cap and out to the plugs.

Key features
  • All new components
  • Heavy-duty distributor gear for durability
  • Welded weight pins
  • Adjustable vacuum advance helps tune it to each engine

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MSD Street Fire

Part #: 5591

MSD Street Fire Distributor GM EFI V8 88- 95 External Coil - Coil NOT included
Price: $279.95

Part #: 5592

GM V8 Vortec 96- 00 MSD Street Fire Distributor
Price: $339.95

Part #: 5594

Ford 5.0L Mustang 86- 93 W/Module MSD Street Fire
Price: $319.95

Part #: 8362

MSD Street Fire Distributor SB/BB Chevy
Price: $229.95

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