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Cam and Lifter Kits - SB Chrysler 318, 360

Northern Auto Parts Brings to you these special prices on Speed Pro Performance Cam and Lifter Kits for Small Block Chrysler 318, and 360.  Applications.  These kits Include a Camshaft and Lifters. Many cam grinds to choose from! Select your performance level! All of these kits are custom built by Northern Auto.

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Engine Cam & Lifter Kit

Part #: CL1006R

Idle Quality: Smooth
Basic RPM: 1500-4000
*.050 Intake/Exhaust: .420/.420
Lobe Sep: 110
Price: $233.65

Part #: CL1019R

Idle Quality: Good
Basic RPM: 2200-5200
*.050 Intake/Exhaust: .443/.465
Lobe Sep: 112
Price: $195.17

Part #: CL644R

Idle Quality: Good
Basic RPM:1500-4000
Intake/Exhaust: 210/220
*.050 Intake/Exhaust: .429/.442
Lobe Sep: 114
Price: $224.18